Create customized forms and workflows with real-time alters that eliminate paper processes.


Eliminate Your Paper Process with Digital Custom Forms that Increase Your Efficiency and Decrease Your Costs.

SiteRight software equips you and your team to eliminate your paper workflow. With custom forms, you can create multiple unique field types that will collect the data you need. Whether you need photos, videos, signatures, or QR codes, SiteRight’s custom forms allow you to digitize your data collection and reporting.

Because your data is hosted in the cloud, you and your team will have real-time access to your data as its being collected. Your real-time data allows you to double-check field data immediately.

You can display your data using SiteRight’s advanced business intelligence platform to create customize dashboards that summarize and display your most important data.


Construction Worker with Tablet


Generate custom dashboards for quick views of your most important data.


Build custom forms with multiple unique field types including photos, videos, and signatures.


Produce the reports you need with survey and multimedia geolocation and timestamp data.


Take and store unlimited photos and videos for later access and analysis.


Easily Configure, Collect and Submit Your Forms.

SiteRight technology securely stores your custom form data in the Cloud for you to view instantly. You can quickly make your workflow processes paperless for more accurate work tracking. 

Improve Your Workflows and Better Track Your Tasks

Software Benefits

Create Your Digital Forms and Capture Unique Project Attributes

SiteRight offers multiple field type allowing your organization to transition away from out data paper processes.

Update Projects Real Time

Update Your Project Data in Real-time

With custom forms, all of your project specific data is uploaded in real-time. Configure reports, alerts, and automated exports of critical data.

Edit Your Site Survey Data as It Is Being Collected

SiteRight’s configurability allows any organization to build any type of digital form removing outdated paper processes. Configure safety forms, remote inspection forms, equipment checklist, and much more.

Site Survey Data

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Be Faster and More Accurate with Custom Forms

Custom Forms allows you to digitize your workflow to improve submission times and acquire more accurate data. You will have access to your precise data from any Smart Device.


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$ 50 Monthly
  • Define Unique Data Dictionaries
  • Auto-Generate Forms to Match Existing Data
  • Real-Time Notifications & Alerts
  • Workflow Editor
  • Visualize Data Entries with Admin Map